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Volunteer Advisory Committees

Schedules, agendas and minutes for these committees can be found on our Meetings page

Administrative Committee

This committee serves as the organizational backbone of our board, reviewing essential elements such as personnel, general District policy, and other key management matters. Comprising two board members and up to three resident volunteers , this team works collaboratively to ensure the efficient functioning of our district. Their recommendations are pivotal in shaping policies that ultimately influence our district’s growth and administrative harmony.

Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee operates as the fiscal conscience of the board, diligently reviewing budgetary aspects and other significant financial matters. Composed of board members and dedicated volunteers from our community, they oversee financial planning and monitoring. Their work ensures the district's financial health, securing resources to meet community needs and maintaining fiscal transparency and accountability.

Infrastructure Committee

A team of board members and district volunteers carries the responsibility of reviewing plans for the development, operation, and maintenance of District infrastructure. Their role encompasses everything from roadwork to utilities, ensuring that our infrastructure is robust, reliable, and ready to serve our growing community. By focusing on sustainable and efficient infrastructure, this committee enables the smooth running of daily operations and paves the way for the district's future sustainability.

Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee's primary role is to foster a close, cooperative, and communicative relationship between the Bear Valley Springs Association and the District. This committee works tirelessly to ensure mutual understanding, effective communication, and partnership in reviewing programs, services, and amenities related to parks and recreation. Their collaboration bridges the gap between the Association and the District, facilitating unified action that benefits our entire community.

Public Safety Committee

Dedicated to the safety and well-being of our district residents, the Public Safety Committee reviews public safety issues like police operations, disaster preparedness, response programs, and fire protection. Comprising board members and civic-minded volunteers, they work tirelessly to provide insights and recommendations to keep our community safe. Their vigilance and dedication to safety form the cornerstone of our district's peaceful and secure environment.

Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council (DPAC)

DPAC is a sub-council of the Public Safety Committee. As such, it is made up entirely of resident volunteers who collaborate with our Chief of Police.

DPAC takes on the critical task of reviewing the general progress of emergency planning and keeping the district's emergency operations plan updated. The council's collective insights and expertise help ensure our preparedness in the face of emergencies, making our district more resilient and ready to respond to any unforeseen circumstances. Through their recommendations, DPAC helps foster a district that is vigilant, prepared, and ever-ready to protect its citizens.