General Services Department


The General Services Division is a vital component of our community's Public Works Department. Its role is multifaceted, and it plays an integral part in maintaining and improving the day-to-day operations of the District. Financially, the Division's operations are funded from various sources, with the General Fund being one of the main contributors. Additionally, it primarily operates by reimbursing direct services from all other funds.

The division is divided into three main subdivisions - Facilities Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, and Solid Waste, each carrying out a unique set of tasks that ensure the smooth running of the community.

This is the Facilities wood shop. Most recently this shop was the center of the mail station rehabilitation project.

Facilities Maintenance is tasked with the essential upkeep and repair of all District buildings, structures, and grounds. This encompasses a wide array of structures including administrative buildings, the police station, public works buildings, pump and well house buildings, among others. Their responsibilities range from handling HVAC and plumbing issues to taking care of the irrigation system and custodial services. Budgeting for Facilities Maintenance is designed to ensure accurate and timely accounting. As such, the revenue and expenses related to this sub-division, with the exception of Bus Shelters and Mailboxes, are directly integrated into the other budgets as much as possible. The Salaries & Benefits and remaining Services & Supplies are distributed to other budgets according to the District's Cost Allocation Plan.

This is the fleet maintenance building, where all vehicles and machinery are maintained and repaired.

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining and repairing the District's fleet of vehicles and equipment. This diverse range of equipment includes vehicles, heavy machinery, tractors, road and water equipment, snow plows, and grounds maintenance equipment. Similar to Facilities Maintenance, the budget for Fleet Maintenance is also woven into other budgets for accurate and timely accounting. Salaries, Benefits, and remaining Services & Supplies are reallocated to other budgets following the District's Cost Allocation Plan.

Most property owners are familiar with the Solid Waste Transfer Station. This is where Waste Management - the county approved waste contractor - picks up the residents waste for transfer to the Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill.

The Solid Waste division is unique in that its funding primarily comes from user rates. While still under the purview of the General Services Division, its budget details can be found in the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund budget, which provides an itemized list of revenue, expenses, and program goals.