Be part of a connected community

We understand the importance of keeping our community informed and connected. That's why we utilize Nixle, a powerful communication platform, to ensure you receive timely updates on various aspects.

When we send a text, it matters.

The primary goal of emergency communications is to effectively and efficiently reach individuals in times of crisis, ensuring their safety and minimizing risks.

By reserving text messages for life-threatening situations, alarm fatigue can be mitigated, recipients can maintain their responsiveness, and emergency response resources can be optimized.

These best practices enable emergency management authorities to communicate critical information more effectively, ultimately safeguarding lives.

Email advisories & information

With Nixle, we are also able to inform you about road closures and urgent but non-emergency information through email advisories. We utilize this platform to share details about public participation opportunities, upcoming meetings, and other items of community interest.

By leveraging Nixle, we strive to enhance transparency and foster a strong sense of community engagement. Stay connected with us to stay informed.

To opt-in to emergency alerts, simply text BVSAlerts to 888777. Send your email as well if you'd like to receive advisories and community notifications.