Cara Cooper

Candidate Statement

The following is the letter of interest submitted by this candidate. These letters are used by the Board of Directors to determine which applicants are best qualified for the desired committee.

Public Safety Committee.

I have attended most of the Safety Committee meetings the past two years

I was on the safety committee at work for over 6 years. Monthly meeting held to keep the company OSHA compliant . Which included a safety walk through the building to look for OSHA violations. I took part of the 30-hour OSHA training course. Part of my duties was hazardous waste pick up. which was done twice yearly. (chemicals from Jet fuel, acids. and other highly combustible products. I had to make sure sorted and labeled.

Also, we had training in disaster preparedness for floods, earthquakes etc.

I am now part of DPAC

I have training in first aid, AED, CPR.

Thank You,

Cara Cooper

I would be willing to work on any committee, I had managed experience in fast food and

retail businesses.