Paul Paparella

Candidate Statement

The following is the letter of interest submitted by this candidate. These letters are used by the Board of Directors to determine which applicants are best qualified for the desired committee.

Re: Infrastructure Committee

Dear Ms. McEwen:

Please accept this letter of interest for my re-appointment to the Infrastructure Committee. I have enjoyed serving in my first term, and believe I can continue to provide valuable input, especially with regard to planning and implementing essential long-term investments in our water distribution system.

I am a civil engineer specializing in public water system evaluation, planning, design, and construction. I am currently semi-retired, working on a part time basis for Mott MacDonald, an international engineering firm with California offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and in the Bay Area. During my 40- year career with this firm, I have worked on projects for water systems of similar size and complexity as that of the BVCSD and have also worked for some of the largest water systems in the country.

I have been a resident of BVS since August 2020, after relocating from New Jersey to be closer to family in Los Angeles. Since arriving here, I have managed projects for several California water utilities, including East Bay Municipal Utility District, City of Santa Cruz, and California American Water. I am currently licensed as a Professional Engineer in NJ and NY, but not in CA.

I look forward to serving in 2023.


Paul J. Paparella