Dave Licher


Candidate Statement

The following is the letter of interest submitted by this candidate. These letters are used by the Board of Directors to determine which applicants are best qualified for the desired committee.

Request to serve on the Administration Committee.

As a 13 year resident of Bear Valley Springs, it is my goal to add value for our community by being a part of the Administrative Committee. After a career of successes, I believe my contributions to the committee will be useful and productive. Implementing improvements is a challenging task, but my experiences have suited me well to contribute for our Community Services District.

When my wife and I discovered BVS, we knew this beautiful valley would be our home. It is our hope to help as retired residents to preserve and maintain the valley we hold so dear. Over many years in business, there are certain skills and talents that will become useful as the committee reviews issues, challenges, and recommends solutions.

Please consider my application as a commitment to serve our community with honest, dedicated contributions.


Dave Licher, Resident