Watermain and Service Line Replacement Port Royal Ct. and Aqua Villa Ct.

Published on
February 28, 2024

Work consists of approximately 650' of 4" PVC C900 pipe and approximately 20 water service lines of 1" pipe, blow-offfs, together with all fittings, valves and appurtenances as well as abandoning existing water ssytem and permanent trench resurfacing for Port Royal and Aqua Villa. Sealed bids will be received prior to 2:00p.m. (PST) on April 19, 2024 at the District Office. Bidding Documents may be obtained from Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group. Please contact Vivian Bravo at vbravo@ppeng.com or 661-616-5900 to register as plan holder and receive documents. There will be charges for printed documents. Digital files are available at no cost.

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