Tehachapi Grocery Stores Special Hours

Published on
December 21, 2022

Local grocers have adjusted hours to maximize restocking efforts. Many are also offering special senior-citizen shopping hours. Below is a list of local grocers, normal hours and senior hours.

  • Albertson's, Senior Hours 7AM-9AM, Additional Hours 10 AM-9 PM
  • Dollar General Market, Senior Hours 6 AM-7AM, Additional Hours 7AM-10PM
  • Dollar Tree, Hours 8AM-9PM, Sunday 9AM-9PM
  • Family Dollar, Hours 8AM-8PM
  • Save Mart, Senior Hours Tues./Thurs. 6AM-9AM, Additional Hours 9 AM-10PM
  • Walmart, Senior Hours Tuesdays 6AM-7AM, Additional Hours 7AM-8:30PM

Please call to confirm hours, times and days have been changing frequently.

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