Public Works Updates

Published on
December 21, 2022

roject Updates

Transfer Station Reconfiguration (Solid Waste Division):this project is nearly complete, with the remaining new cameras being installed during the first two weeks of July. After the new traffic flow was initiated, there was some confusion with residents trying to come in through the old entrance, which is now the exit gate. We've placed a staff member there to help guide residents, and it appears people are now adjusting to the new direction of traffic. We have received mostly positive reviews on the new design and layout.

Well #31 & #32 Rehab (Water Division): The contractor has five other projects ahead of ours, but should be starting in August.

Well #25 Demo (Water Division): We are still waiting for SCE's timeline to disconnect power so that demolition can begin. We are in weekly conversations with them to try to expedite this process.

COVID-19 Response (Public Works Department): Staff members continue to practice social distancing and other safety measures. We are striving to keep both our employees and our residents safe while accomplishing the work that needs to be done. Staff are still patching, repairing leaks, mowing, reading meters, taking samples, maintaining facilities, etc. Our teams have made commendable efforts to continue providing exceptional service while adapting to these unusual circumstances.

Gate Drainage Project (Roads Division):This project is intended to address past, and potentially recurring, mudflows at the Gate. We have put this project out for bid twice, with no responsive bidders either time. In each instance, we then contacted a contractor capable of performing the project to work out the project details and have them propose an estimate. Last year's estimate was much higher than the District was willing to spend. This year we contacted Granite Construction, met on-site with them, and went over the project. They expressed interest and submitted their project estimate. We feel their price is more in line with the scope of the project and the District's available funds. The Board of Directors will be making a decision on this project at the July 9th Board meeting.

Guardrail Replacement Project (Roads Division): The District has a total of 60 locations that have guardrails in place, all of them original installations. Of the 60 locations, only two met current standards. Twenty-two were found to have some damage; 5 of those were deemed high priority and 17 low priority based on the extent of the damage and the location of the guardrail. Priorities were established and a multi-year approach provided. Four locations were replaced last fall as part of the 3-year project. The Board will be making a decision about 11 locations for improvement this year at the July 9th Board meeting.

Roads Division

Patching on Aqua Villa

The focus for the month of June was the repair of utility cuts made during the repairs of water mains and water services. In total, the Roads Division spent 265.5 labor hours and used 29.5 tons of asphalt to repair water break patches at the following locations:

  • Tank 4A (Jacaranda)
  • 25841 Skyline
  • 30081 Caddy
  • Niblick
  • Aqua Villa
  • Surrey 
  • Aqua Villa
  • Paramount Ct
  • Skyline by Chukar
  • Stevens Ct.

The Roads Division also repaired a utility cut at the new Transfer Site exit, and asphalt repaired potholes and shoulders. We have also continued to mow our District easements with our flail mower, although we have been unable to accomplish as much as planned due to the arm mower being in the shop for repairs.

Water Division

Normal monthly operations were conducted, including taking necessary samples, cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining well and pump houses, meter reading, and equipment maintenance. Leak repair activity was as follows:

  • 29885 Stevens Ct. service line - full replacement
  • 24540 Heather Ct. service line - repair
  • 27841 Skyline service line - repair
  • 24501 Heather Ct. service line - repair
  • System maintenance - swapped meter parts at CV 5
  • New valve finished at Well #36
  • Installed new air vacs at Fox Ridge
  • Greased pumps on the west side of the valley
  • lots of meter reads and re-reads
  • Repaired 4" line from well #9 and #10 under Jamaica Dunes inside of a culvert
  • Dismantled flowline up to valve at Well #25
  • Wrapped up new valve installation below Starland for hydrant repair and relocation
  • 23580 Dart leak - repaired (broken meter)
  • 28061 Deertrail service line - repaired
  • 28061 Deertrail service line - repaired
  • Service leak at Tank #06 - repaired
  • Mainline leak on Heather Court in cul-de-sac - repaired
  • Leak at 16 Meadow Lake in condos - repaired (not backfilled)

Note: Heather Ct has really high pressure. We have two more service lines to replace. This would be a future candidate for a complete main and service line replacement project.

Deertrail valve assembly, before and after repair

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance, general plant upkeep, and standard operations continue. This includes the following:

WWTP personnel cleared a large root plug from the creek discharge line
  • Collection systems monthly sampling
  • Repair to broken blade on aerator brush
  • Reviewing inspection footage from CCTV project and development of a "hotspot" identification and maintenance plan
  • Replaced all pump tubing in bi-sulfite building, ready for next creek season
  • USAs (marking our utility service lines before other divisions/companies begin digging)
  • Weed abatement around the Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • sending water to the golf course
  • Conference call with MKN and Associates, Larry Walker Engineering, and Regional Board concerning the Regional Board's desire for us to relocate sampling location for pH compliance
  • Removed a large string of roots from creek discharge line. It is now clear and ready for next season.
  • Confined space entry at sewer lift station for routine maintenance
  • Repaired and replaced tubing and pump strainer on contact chamber composite sampler.
  • Fabricated and installed a tool basket for collections systems tools onto the hydro-jetter

General Services Division

  • (4) #2 Services
  • (1) #1 Service
  • (3) Repairs (long term)
  • (17) Repairs on light vehicles/equipment
  • (0) Breakdowns in the field
  • (4) Repairs on small equipment
  • (4) Repairs at our PD and Gate House
  • (4) Repairs to facilities in the district
  • (4) Repairs to mail stands and boxes in the valley
  • (5) Generators inspected
Transfer Station:

Waste Management hauled:

  • (49) Household Bins
  • (32) Manure Bins
  • (39) Green Waste Bins
  • (16) Recycling Bins
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