Police Community Advisory Panel Meeting July 11, 2023

Published on
August 1, 2023

Briefing from the Chief

· In this meeting the Chief asked the panel members to remind the groups and associations that they represent that the old window stickers utilized to gain entry into the gate will no longer be accepted after July 31, 2023.

· The Chief explained to the panel the plan to change some of the signs at the front gate. The signage at the front gate will be changed in an effort to simplify the information being relayed to drivers as they approach the gate and to minimize the redundancy of information that currently exists.

· The panel was asked to make sure their organizations were aware of the phone number to the non-emergency line for police services, which is 661-861-3110. The panel was reminded that the Kern County Sheriffs Dispatch Center answers our residents calls and will dispatch BVPD officers to calls within BVS.

· The Chief asked each organization to submit an alternate panel member to attend meetings if they were not able to make it.

· The Chief briefed the panel members on the locations the speed radar machines will be placed in the near future. One will be placed on Jamaica Dunes and the other will be set up on Bear Valley Road near Coyote Court.

· The Panel discussed the process utilized to set speed limits in BVS and the requirement for an Engineering and Traffic Survey.

Discussion Topic

Public Engagement Opportunities: The Chief asked the Panel to share the dates of events that their respective organizations are planning. It is the goal of the Chief to attend himself, or have an officer attend, community events in order to live up to his pledge of building positive relationships with the community.

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