PCAP Inaugural Meeting May 2023

Published on
August 1, 2023

Group Expectations

In the inaugural meeting of the Bear Valley Police Community Advisory Panel, the group discussed the expectations of the Chief and the responsibilities associated to being a member of the Panel. The members of the Panel are representatives of various groups, clubs and associations throughout Bear Valley Springs; therefore, each member has the opportunity to communicate community concerns directly to the Chief of Police. With this opportunity comes the expectation that the members will communicate the topics discussed back to the community members they represent.

Briefing from the Chief

The Chief briefed the Panel on relevant legislative bills that, if passed, could affect policing throughout the state. The bills discussed were AB 742 which would prohibit the use of police canines and AB 93 which would prohibit an officer’s ability to conduct a search despite the consent of the individual.

The Chief also briefed the Panel on a recent Officer Wellness grant that all California Police Agencies received. The Bear Valley Police Department received a grant of $15,000 for the purpose of improving officer wellness and expanding mental health resources. The Chief is currently coordinating efforts of other local agencies to best utilize these funds.

Discussion Topics

In this portion of the meeting the Chief asks the Panel to take a topic back to the community members they represent. In this meeting the Chief asked for feedback on where the residents would like to see the

speed radar machines placed in an effort to calm driving behaviors throughout Bear Valley Springs.

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