Notice of Election

Published on
December 21, 2022

Two seats, currently held by Jane Baron and Jay Carlyn, are up for election this year.

The election for our Board of Directors is consolidated with the November 3, 2020 General Election. Kern County Elections Office is in charge of the election. All paperwork for filing is obtained through them. This year, due to COVID, candidate filing is by appointment only.

Candidate Requirements

  • Registered to vote in the District
  • Property ownership is not required

Filing Deadline: August 7, 2020, 5:00 PM

If an incumbent does not file for their seat by the deadline, the filing deadline (for non-incumbents only) is extended until August 12.

The following is a copy of the document provided by Kern County. A copy is on display at the District administrative office. This document is subject to change by Kern County without notice.

Nomination Period

7/13/20 through 8/7/20 (E-113 to E-88): Filing period for nomination

8/8/20 through 8/12/20 (E-87 to E-83): Last day to file nomination papers - extended period. (Extension period is for anyone other than the Incumbent - office extends if the Incumbent fails to file. If the incumbent is termed out or it is a vacant office there is no extension)

Write-In Candidates

9/7/20 through 10/20/20 (E-57 to E-14): Write-in candidate filing period.

Important Filing Dates

8/7/20 (E-88): Last day City/District may consolidate

8/7/20 (E-88): Last day to file Tax Rate Statement

8/17/20 (E-78): Last day to file Arguments For or Against

8/17/20 (E-78): Last day for County Counsel to provide Impartial Analysis

8/24/20 (E-71): Last day to file Rebuttal Arguments

10/5/20 (E-29): First day to issue Vote by Mail Ballots

10/18/20 (E-15): Last day to Register to Vote

10/20/20 through 11/2/20 (E-14 to E-1): Conditional Voter Registration in the Elections Division only

11/3/20 (E-day): Conditional Voter Registration at Poll Sites and the Elections Division

Outlying areas - Please contact the Elections Division at (661) 868-3590 or email at

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