New BVSA Amenity Cards and the Entry Gate

Published on
July 24, 2023

Dear Bear Valley Springs residents, we have exciting news! The BVSA has introduced new amenity cards that, in cooperation with the Bear Valley CSD, will make it even easier and safer for you and your loved ones to enjoy our beautiful community.

Why Switch to the New Cards?

Our primary goal is to keep Bear Valley Springs a safe, secure haven for our residents and their guests. Our current entry method - windshield stickers and old amenity cards - has a few loopholes that could allow unauthorized individuals to access our community. The ability to use these new RFID-enabled amenity cards at the entry gate allows us to plug these gaps and offer more efficient and secure access control.

Less Mail Theft, More Peace of Mind:

The move towards the new amenity cards means a big boost in safety. In the first year after installing the Gatehouse system, reported mail thefts dropped by a whopping 74%! By fully switching to the new amenity cards, we expect an even greater reduction in mail theft. This means a more secure community for us all.

How to Get Your New Amenity Card:

As a Bear Valley Springs resident, it's essential that you get your new amenity card to ensure uninterrupted access to our community. Please note that the deadline for this transition is July 31, 2023. After this date, windshield stickers and old amenity cards will no longer be valid for entry.

Obtaining your new amenity card is easy. Just visit the friendly staff at the BVSA administrative office. If Bear Valley Springs is your second home or if weekdays are difficult for you, don't worry. The BVSA team is ready to help you out. Simply call 661-821-5537 (extension 222 or 211) or email

By switching to the new amenity card, you're playing an essential role in safeguarding our community and looking out for your neighbors. Don't delay – visit the BVSA office today to secure your new amenity card. Together, let's embrace this change for a safer and even more vibrant Bear Valley Springs.

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