Improper Dumping - What does it really matter?

Published on
December 21, 2022

e know that some residents (and some non-residents) have been taking advantage of the "honor system" at the BVS waste transfer station. We regularly find our bins overflowing with furniture, construction waste, pallets, fencing, tires, rolls of carpet, motor oil, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, the occasional hot tub, and other inappropriate items.

These items are considered hazardous,and are not allowed in the Transfer Station. Moreover, they cannot be accepted at the Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill. But once it’s out of sight of the dumper, it’s seemingly out of mind. Except it isn’t.

Almost weekly, the District receives notification from Kern County that unacceptable waste has been discovered in our bins during routine checks. This hazardous waste is then separated from the residential household waste and held in a segregated area until District staff can travel to the landfill to retrieve it – at ratepayer’s expense. After retrieval it must then be delivered to a designated hazardous waste facility in Bakersfield or Mojave– again at ratepayer’s expense. Additionally, these incidents are subject to a special handling fee of $75/hour plus hazardous waste fees imposed by the County – at, you guessed it, ratepayer’s expense.

A few of the "illegal" items found in our bins

Until the reconfiguration of the Transfer Station is complete, the District is actively pursuing avenues to more closely monitor improper dumping including installation of surveillance cameras and issuing citations.

In the meantime, we are asking residents and property owners to voluntarily comply with the rules – even if you don’t think you’ll get caught.

Trash Disposal Guidelines

Residents can properly dispose of household trash, green waste and manure at the transfer station, located next to the BVCSD office at 28999 South Lower Valley Road. Household trash should be placed in the roll off containers, while green waste and manure should be separated and placed in the designated drop-off areas.

Please NO bulky items, tires, electronic waste, construction and demolition debris (C&D), household hazardous waste (HHW) or waste from commercial sources will NOT be accepted.


Local Residential Hazardous Waste Collection Events are held on the first Saturday of every month?

Where: Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill; 12001 E. Tehachapi Blvd.

When: 9:00 am – Noon

Cost: FREE

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