CSD Administrative office remains closed

Published on
December 21, 2022

The CSD administrative offices will remain closed as the State has extended the regional stay-at-home order.

We continue to do our part to reduce opportunities for COVID-19 transmission. California currently has the highest rate of new cases in the United States, with southern California and the San Joaquin region being hardest hit. Hospital ICU capacity in our area is at 0% as the infection rate continues to rise. We have followed State guidance for remote work where possible and created additional policies and procedures specific to our day-to-day operations to help us safely cope with this pandemic.

To date, we have had one confirmed case of COVID-19 among our staff. This employee did not have direct interaction with the public and adherence to our protocols has, so far, prevented the spread within the CSD. We take very seriously our duty to protect the public we serve and are confident that the best practice is for the Administrative offices to remain closed to the public until we can safely re-open.

Public Works and Public Safety personnel continue to perform their daily duties while adhering to safety protocols. Our office staff is working remotely. Voicemail and email will be answered within 24 hours through the week, usually sooner. The only service we cannot offer is the sale and installation of RFID tags. New residents may obtain windshield stickers at the Police Department and amenity cards are honored at the gate.

Have a safe and happy New Year Bear Valley. We look forward to a return to normalcy and will do our part to hasten its arrival.

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