Board of Directors Notice of Vacancy

Published on
April 9, 2024



28999South Lower Valley Road · Tehachapi,CA 93561-7460 PHONE 661-821-4428 ·FAX661-821-0180



Board of Directors Vacancy Applicant


Dear Applicant,


Thank you foryour interest in serving our community, expressed by your desire to beappointed to the Board of Directors of Bear Valley Community Services District.


The Board ofDirectors has asked that interested applicants submit a Letter of Interest fortheir review prior to filling the vacancy. The appointment will take place at the Regular Board Meetingon, April 11, 2024 at 6:00 pm. While it is not a requirement, including answersto the following questions will greatly assist the Board in the selectionprocess. Upon submission, all materials will become part of the public recordand will be included in the Agenda package for the April 11, 2024 Regular Board Meeting.


Submitting a Letter of Interest, or addressing the questions below, isnot mandatory, however, to assure the Board has sufficient time to reviewsubmissions, they must be received by noon, April 10, 2024.


Submitto: Bear Valley CSD, Attn: Board of Directors Vacancy, 28999 S. Lower Valley Road, Tehachapi,    CA     93561.    Or    you    may    email    Denise    Jelleschitz,    Secretary    of    the Board:


Suggested Questions:


1.     How long have you been a resident of Bear Valley Springs?


2.      Please provide any relevantinvolvement or experience within the community.


3.     What is your motivation for applying for the BearValley CSD Board of Directors, and why do youbelieve you are qualified? Pleasecite relevant examples.


4.     Please describe your knowledge of District operations,the services the District provides, the lawsgoverning the District, sources of funding, and the working relationshipbetween the Bear Valley CSD and the Bear Valley Springs Association.

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