Be Part of the Solution

Published on
December 21, 2022

A Bear Valley CSD community engagement study launched this week, the first in our 50-year history. By now every resident in the valley should have received a questionnaire in the mail. Some of you have already returned them, and we thank you! For those who haven't yet answered the questions, we ask that you please do so. This survey is the first step in developing a strategic plan - a process that creates a roadmap for the next ten to fifteen years by identifying priorities, specifying desired outcomes, and defining performance measures.

This type of strategizing will help the BVCSD Board and management become better organized, more thoughtful, and better focused on the things that are important to the residents. It will also help to prepare the CSD to overcome the challenges faced by the utilities and infrastructure. There is no shortage of possible projects, but a community is the product of choices made over time. Resident input is both vital and valued.

This study is part of a non-profit program called the Cobalt Citizen Engagement and Priority Assessment, administered by Cobalt Community Research. This nationally recognized nonprofit coalition aims to give local governments solid, citizen-based data to support resource decisions, improve services, measure progress, and build public trust.

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