Advisory Message from the Bear Valley Police Department

Published on
December 21, 2022

Advisory Message from the Bear Valley Police Department

After a five- or six-year hiatus, it appears that wild pigs have returned to the Valley. The Police Department has received several reports of the tell-tale signs of the presence of these invasive and dangerous animals including uprooted top soil and damage to plants and bushes. There was a recent report of damage observed on the Golf Course.

California's wild pigs are massive and ubiquitous. They can grow into 200-pound ripping machines. They tear up plant life and destroy hillsides. They pose a threat to humans and pets.

The Bear Valley Police Department has obtained a Depredation Permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to trap and take unlimited wild pig in our area. Only those persons specifically named on the permit are authorized to take them. As you are aware, hunting is strictly forbidden in Bear Valley.

If you see a wild pig anywhere in Bear Valley, or damage you suspect is a result of their presence, you are asked to report the information to the Police Department. Any trapping or taking efforts will require the property owners’ consent. We’re here to help.

Bear Valley Police Department
(661) 821-3239

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