A Message from Chief Melanson re: COVID-19

Published on
December 21, 2022

message from Chief Melanson:

Your Bear Valley Police Department wishes to advise Valley residents that we are carefully monitoring the state and local response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.  We are working in partnership with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies to ensure that, in the event that a mass spread of the virus heavily effects law enforcement first responders, mutual aid agreements will ensure that officers will be available.  

Many law enforcement agencies have opted to temporarily respond only to life-threatening and in-progress calls for service and take other reports over the phone. The Bear Valley Police Department will continue to respond to all calls for service in Bear Valley.  

We ask for your cooperation when calling emergency services to alert them when you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 so the we can respond appropriately.  

For the latest information about the spread of this virus, you can visit the following websites:

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