Website Change Log

July 24, 2023

Accessibility Features are a focus

As we update the site, we are focusing on the following accessibility features requested by residents:

Adjustable/Scaleable Text

We have used rem (root em) font units instead of pixels in the design of this site. Rem is a relative unit of measurement based on the root element's font size. As a result, when you adjust the base font size in your browser settings for better readability, the rem-based font sizes will scale proportionally, ensuring a more consistent and accessible experience. Rem font sizes are also more adaptable to different-sized screens and are zoom compatible, allowing them to scale more effectively.

Keyboard Navigation

Focus indicators have been added to visually highlight the currently focused element on the web page. We have worked toward making it clear which interactive element is currently active and ensured that all interactive elements can be accessed and operated using only the keyboard.

Screen Readers

This site is programmatically laid out in a logical and linear order to allow screen readers to correctly interpret and navigate the content. We have also labeled all form elements, used descriptive alternative text, added skip links, and implemented keyboard navigation.