Bear Valley Community Services District


Currently all primary and secondary roads are cleared and down to wet pavement.

Published on:
December 27, 2019

orecasts are not calling for any more snowfall until Sunday night, beginning around 10p.m.  Currently all primary and secondary roads are cleared and down to wet pavement. 95% of residential roads are open (1 pass up and back). Crews will finish the shift (4 p.m.) today working on the remainder of residential roads and break until tomorrow morning (Saturday, 12/28). 

Our efforts on Saturday will be to clear all remaining roads side to side. This is a best-management practice that helps us with snow storage in anticipation of the storm coming in Sunday night.  We want to have room toput any new snow.  Clearing the roads during above-freezing temperatures will also make it easier to move with the small plows we use.  Drivers will do their best to keep driveways clear during this process, but a windrow might be present after clearing.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we strive to keep the roadways as clear of snow/ice and as safe as possible. 

Warmer temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will help with the melting process and put us in a good position to respond to the next storm system, which based upon current models will pass through our area quickly and have small amounts of snowfall. Of course, these numbers may change as we get closer to Sunday night.  All equipment is functioning and we have plenty of material on hand. Thanks for your support and patience during this last event.  Have a great weekend!