Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - September 2020

Updates on generators, road and water repairs, and monthly statistics

Published on:
October 2, 2020
The generators for the pneumatic stations at Ridgeview and Oakflat have arrived.

Generators: We are in the process of obtaining the final quotes for the installation of the generators.  Once all quotes are reviewed we will issue a contract and install the generators. We received our first delivery of two Blue Star Generators.  These two are for our Ridgeview and our Oakflat Pneumatic Stations.

Well 31: BakersfieldWell and Pump completed video and gyro testing.  Results will be available October 2, 2020. PDF Files will be emailed first week of October.


Well 32: Bakersfield Well and Pump completed video testing, and system info will be sent out this week to begin the pump building process. PDF Files will be mailed first week of October.


Well 25: The building has been demolished and the permit has been submitted.  The Well should be completely abandoned by October 25.


Booster 2D2 Sheeptrail: We are in the final planning phases for installation of a new electrical panel at the facility.  The work is tentatively scheduled to start October26, 2020.

Roads Division

For the month of September, the Roads Division focused on patching water breaks, de-lamination and potholes. The Roads crew used approximately 69.57 tons of asphalt in September, up from 38 tons of asphalt during the month August.  Notable patch locations are:

  • 26580 Cumberland
  • Deertrail by Surrey
  • 30001 Jamaica Dunes
  • Cantle Ct.
  • 25001 Paramount
  • 29319 Fawn Way
  • 27520 Deertrail
  • 26000 Deertrail
  • Bear Valley Rd. by gate
  • 27980 Skyline
  • 30200 Deertrail (backside)

Crews also spent time clearing rights-of-way of tumbleweeds as well as clearing out debris and dirt from downside drains and culverts.

Emergency repair on Skyline

Water Division

(Water Pumping Report in September 2020 Board Package)

Daily operations and sampling continued throughout the month. Replaced a total of six service lines:

  • Deertrail ((2)
  • Cumberland
  • Bear Valley Road
  • ParamountTank 8A2.

Repairs were made to 10 service lines:

  • Deertrail (3)
  • Skyline (2)
  • Foxridge
  • Rowel
  • Paramount
  • Jacaranda
  • Cumberland

We marked approximately 242 USA’s for other contractors working in the valley. We continued with system maintenance and flushed fire hydrants throughout the valley.

Wastewater Division

The fuel tank at the wastewater facility had pitting and rust damage that has been repaired

Preventative maintenance, general plant up-keep, and standard operations continued.

Collections System Maintenance: Slow cleaning 4626 linear ft. for calcium build up inside of piping on sections of:

  • Pinedale
  • Shoreline
  • Jamaica Dunes
  • Mashie Ct
  • Cool Haven

Performed USA’s, weed abatement and removal of dead pine trees around facility. Continued sending water to Golf Course. Dirt Work around AerationTank and WWTP facility maintenance. Completed bulb and lighting fixture replacement in Lift Station & CL2 Room. Completed Fuel tank maintenance for pitting and rust repair and drafted new BVCSD WWTP In-house Lab Procedures.


  • (3) Repairs at our PD, Gate house
  • (11) Repairs to facility’s in the district  
  • (7) Repairs to other stands and boxes in valley
  • (5) Generators Inspected
  • (1) Repair to CV boosterGenerator

Still correcting some small compliance issues.

Mail Station Rehab

  • Bear Valley and Black Gold mail station # 4550 complete.
  • MB 4215 is next on our list forR/R 09-28-2020
  • MB 4225 will follow
The Fleet division services all BVCSD vehicles and equipment


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services.

  • (2) #2 Services. Oil/brake check/replace
  • (0) #1 Service. Oil only
  • (2) Repairs. On Equipment longterm.
  • (19) Repairs. On Cars, Trucks.
  • (1) Break downs in the field.
  • (6) Repairs on small equipment.

We have started to prep our snow gear for the roads department.  

Transfer Station 

House hold area is flowing well. Waste Management hauled:

  • (45) house hold trash
  • (32) manure
  • (29) green waste roll offs
  • (1) treated wood roll off
  • (17)Recycling roll offs