Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - October 2021

Summary of public works activities during the month of October, 2021

Published on:
November 8, 2021

Roads Division

26 Tons of asphalt was used by the Roads Division during the month of October fixing water leak utility cuts, dig outs and pothole repair. Locations of repairs are:

  • 30300 Fox Ridge
  • Fargo Intersection
  • 22400 Skyline
  • 25781 Skyline
  • 30100 Rolling Oak
  • 30100 Pinedale
  • 30485 S. Lower Valley Rd
  • 24951 Paramount
  • 24981 Paramount

The West End Striping contract by Harker Striping & Signage was performed during this month, this saw new center lines to be painted on Lower Valley Rd, Pinedale Dr, Jamaica Dunes, Rolling Oak Dr, Greenwater Dr and Fawn Way.  New Equestrian crosswalks and “Xing Ahead” stencils were also painted during this project. In addition to the crosswalks and Xing Ahead, new equestrian crossing signs have begun to be replaced with significant help from the BVSA.

During inclement weather, drainage maintenance was performed in preparations of ensuring proper drainage of the roadways.  Routine crack sealing has also been started this fall with the expectations of crack sealing side streets on Cumberland Rd and side streets on Bear Valley Rd.

Water Division

Water had a busy month. Our meter reader has left the CSD for other ventures after moving out of state, leaving us a bit short handed. A total of 11 water leaks were repaired:

  • 28951 Ridgeview service leak
  • 28521 Deertrail 4” pvc main repair
  • 24980 Deertrail service leak
  • 24980 Paramount service leak
  • 24021 Martingale Service leak
  • 24951 Paramount leak
  • 30611 Rolling Oak leak
  • Fargo/Skyline service leak
  • 26550 Cottonwood
  • 27041 Medicine Bow service replacement
  • 25231 North Frontage service repair

Well 31 and well 32 have been treated and flushed with anticipation of pulling samples November after bit more flushing.  

Cumberland and Willow Pass tanks have been out of service while being repainted on the insides. They are anticipated to be back in service by the end of November.

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. USA’s were completed as needed. We are sending water to Golf Course and continuing with our weed abatement at the facility. Continue working on sludge valve replacement. Repair made to hydro-jetter pump, pulled, inspected, and cleaned RAS pump #2. New eyewash station installed in WWTP lab and other CSD facilities. Installed new chemical feed pumps for Sodium meta-bisulfite and Alum.

  • Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue.
  • Collection System Maintenance Caddy Lane & Niblick (approx. 2500 ft cleaned)
  • USA’s
  • Continued sending water to Golf Course (last day watering October 31)
  • Mowed field in front of WWTP for chipping project
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board on site for operational inspection (no operational violations found)
  • Completed Sludge valve repair
  • Began insulating lines for winter
  • New chemical feed pump installed in Chlorine room
  • Grounds and facility maintenance around WWTP

General Services Division


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services.

  • (4) #2 Services
  • (2) #1 Service
  • (3) Repairs On Equipment some are long term some were in and out in a day
  • (14) Repairs On Cars, Trucks
  • (0) Break downs in the field
  • (0) Smog’s
  • (6) Sanders being prepped for winter


  • (6) Repairs to facilities in the district
  • (5) Repairs to other stands and boxes in valley
  • (13) Generators Inspected
  • (0) Generator brake down
  • (2) Calls to repair visitor gate arm
  • (1) Calls to repair RFID gate arm

Complete renovation of mailbox station # 4725 at Lower Valley and Skyline has been completed.  The next scheduled renovation for mailboxes is station # 4915 at Lakeview/Gossett. Currently in-house construction is scheduled to start November 15, 2021

Correcting some small compliance issues. Compliance corrections are under way at water shop.

Transfer Station

The new Grizzley is helping us move threw the grinding pile. We have processed 4.946 cubic yards and have covered areas like the transfer site dirt driveways, wastewater treatment plant access roads. We have 2.880 cubic yards left to process for other and all needs. The processed pile of about 1.155 cubic yards will need to be hauled off. The pile before process was 211.328 ft3 / 27 = 7.827 cubic yards / 14 the size of our truck = 559 loads. By processing we have condensed it down to 1.155 / 14 =83 loads to haul off.

Waste management Hauled

  • 35 household trash roll offs
  • 24 Green waste roll offs
  • 24 Manure roll offs
  • 6 Cardboard roll offs
  • 8 Recycling roll offs

We started hauling cardboard separately on September 10, 2021. We anticipate a second cardboard bin first week of November. Waste Management still does not have variance for hauling treated wood. Having the one cardboard bin has cut our hauls on recycling by more than half. We anticipate we will soon see a cut in household hauling also. We are cleaning up all areas around the transfer site.