Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - November 2021

A summary of November Activities in the Public Works Department

Published on:
December 3, 2021
Roads Division

37 tons of a/c asphalt material was used by the Roads Division in November to repair utility cuts, potholes and road failures.  Primary locations for utility cuts and road failures were:

  • Deertrail @ Goldspike
  • 29921 Greenwater
  • Cottonwood
  • N. Frontage
  • 24100 Jacaranda
  • Tuttle Ct.
  • Heather Ct.
  • Deertrail Dr.

The Roads Division started crack sealing maintenance in the Dart/Lakeview area to prevent the intrusion of water into the subgrade of the roadway.  In total, the Roads distributed approximately 2400 lbs. of crack seal material for the month of November.

Phase III of the Guardrail replacement performed by Alcorn Fence Company was started on November 8th and completed by November 10th.  This Phase saw the removal and replacement of 3 guardrails located on Deertrail Dr. and the extension of an additional guardrail also located on Deertrail Dr.  Phase III of the guardrail replacement was budgeted at $75,000.00 and was completed for $64,721.00.

In addition, the Roads Division started maintenance on the many downside drainage and culvert facilities in Bear Valley to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather this winter season.

Water Division

Leaks repaired:

  • High Country Campground
  • 25231 Bear Valley Rd
  • 24100 Jacaranda
  • 27340 Deertrail
  • 23901 Coral Springs
  • 105 Meadowlakes
  • 24230 Bay Ct

Well 31 and Well 32 have been sampled and we are awaiting test results. Replaced our Transducer on one of our Willow Pass tanks (1-C2). Cumberland and Willow Pass tank refurbishments have been finished and the tanks refilled.  

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. USA’s were completed as needed. Cleaned the pond. We are sending water down Sycamore Canyon. RAS pump #1 sent to shop for repair. Continued working with Engineers for Title 22 Report. Flow meters annual calibration completed for permit compliance. Continued insulating lines for winter. Installed exhaust fan and new lighting in pump room. Sampled wells for standard minerals for annual permit compliance. Sampled Bio-solids for annual permit compliance.



The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services.  

  • (2) #2 Services
  • (1) #1 Service
  • (3) Repairs
  • (17) Repairs On Cars & Trucks
  • (0) Break downs in the field
  • (0) Smogs  

  • (9) Repairs to facilities in the district    
  • (4) Repairs to other stands and boxes in valley
  • (13) Generators Inspected
  • (0) Generator brake down
  • (1) Calls to repair visitor gate arm
  • (1) Calls to repair RFID gate arm

Mailbox renovations scheduled to continue after first of the new year.

Correcting some small compliance issues. Compliance corrections are under way at water shop.

Transfer Station

Waste management hauled:

  • 43 household trash roll offs
  • 33 Green waste roll offs
  • 23 Manure roll offs
  • 7 Cardboard roll offs
  • 10 Recycling roll offs.

Waste Management still does not have variance for hauling treated wood. We are cleaning up all areas around the transfer site.