Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - November 2020

An update on projects and repairs during the month of November.

Published on:
December 4, 2020

Project Updates

  • Granite Construction has completed the work on the gate entrance drainage.
  • Alcorn Fence has completed Phase II for the guardrails.
  • October 30, 2020 the District submitted an application for a Grant to assist with generator installation costs.
  • Generator installations have started.We have received delivery of five generators to date

Roads Division

In the month of November, the Roads crew focused on crack sealing Skyline Dr. The crew distributed approximately 3180 lbs. of crack seal material and finished the goal of crack sealing Skyline.

The Roads crew also spent a significant amount of effort re-establishing major drainage easements with a rental dozer. The drainage locations are:

  • Columbia Way
  • Equestrian Center
  • Bear Valley Rd near Sutter Ct.
  • Rolling Oak near Condos
  • San Juan near Plantation Ct.
Drainage easement at the Equestrian Center

Granite Construction started and completed the capital Gate Drainage Project with great results, flushing out 8 culverts and adding rip-rap to 13 locations around the inlets and outlets of the culverts. The crew also spent time assisting in flushing and clearing culvert pipes and drainage easements near the gate area to reduce the overall cost to the Gate Drainage Project.\

Water Division

Daily water operations with samples, well reads, 230 USA’s and meter reading continued throughout the month. Eleven water leaks were repaired on:

  • Rolling Oak (3)
  • Horizon
  • Tiara
  • Skyline
  • Timberline
  • Goldpsike
  • Columbia Wy.
  • Meadow Lakes
  • Jacaranda.

Construction for generator installation is underway. There was another PSPS on Friday, November 27, 2020; which left a handful of residents without water. We were able to cancel the Boil Notice on December 2, 2020. The power was off for a period of time that not all pneumatic tanks were drained, however, all residents on the tanks were asked to Boil Water just in case the power system was not fully re-energized prior to tanks draining.

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance, general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. Repair and replacement of clarifier motor drive and speed reducer. USA’s continued as needed. Weed abatement around WWTP. Cleaned pond prior to canyon discharge and began discharging water to Sycamore Canyon. Replaced broken belts on tertiary sand filter air compressor. WWTP flow meters annual calibration completed for permit compliance.


There were two repairs to facilities in the district, four repairs to mailbox stands and mailboxes in valley. Five of our existing generators were inspected and minor repairs made. Continue working on correcting some small compliance issues. Staff is currently installing a Hotsy pressure washer at our wash rack.


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services. Completed one routing oil change, five larger services on vehicles and twenty-three repairs to our vehicles. Had four repairs to our heavy equipment.

Transfer Station

Waste management Hauled:

  • fifty (50) house hold trash
  • twenty-six (26) green waste roll offs
  • twenty-eight (28) manure roll offs
  • seventeen (17) Recycling roll offs