Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - March 2021

A summary of Public Works projects through March 2021

Published on:
April 2, 2021
Project Updates:

Generators: installation continues, with completion expected by the end of June.

Well #31: Phase 1 has been completed; a quote is being submitted to the Board of Directors for Phase 2 on April 8, 2021.

Well #32: Phase 2 has been contracted.

Roads Division

The Roads Division was largely impacted by winter weather activities during the month of March.  Approximately half of the month, the Roads personnel were either preparing for inclement weather or reacting to winter weather activities.  This involved clearing snow and ice, clearing downed trees from the roadway, guardrail maintenance and clearing drains of dirt, mud and/or debris.

When the weather permitted, the Roads Division was involved in a variety of tasks, including patching water leak cuts, pothole patching, spraying the rights-of-way for weed clearance and starting our spring crack sealing program which began with sealing the utility cuts that were repaired.

Water leak patching locations:

  • Deertrail
  • Woodview Ct
  • Sorrel Ct

Approximately 12 tons of asphalt and 900lbs of crackseal material were used in March.

Water Division

Repaired leaks, flushed all hydrants on El Camino Ct, cleaned all valves in the Dart/Lakeview area, and all valves in the Fawn Way area including side streets. Performed 220 USA's this month, booster maintenance on all stations and sanitary cleaning.

Leaks repaired:

  • Paramount Cul-de-sac - 20-foot main line replacement
  • 27981 Skyline - service line replacement
  • 25211 Paramount - service line leak
  • 23861 Pebble Beach - service line replacement
  • 24550 Deertrail - service line leak
  • 23211 Dart - service line leak
  • 27131 Deertrail - service line leak
Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. Completed USAs, continued discharging to Sycamore Canyon. Continued work on Virtual tour for orientation. Dirt work in front of WWTP on creek access road. Replaced and calibrated Dissolved Oxygen sensor probe. Late night call-out, RAS pump failure. Shawn and P&J Electric onsite to trouble shoot and place pump back on-line, now operating properly. Began cleaning procedures of sand filter media. Worked on 20 yr CIP. Safety Committee began facility inspection. Completed IIPP training for new hires.


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services:

  • #2 Services (6)
  • #1 Services (1)
  • Repairs on equipment (1)
  • Vehicle repairs (14)

In addition to other duties, Facilities staff has been correcting some small compliance issues.

  • Repairs to facilities in the District (10)
  • Repairs to other stands and boxes in the valley (8)
  • Generators inspected (5)
  • Calls to repair gate arm (1)
  • RFID gate arm (1)
  • Inspect and refill generator at PD and gate (1)
Transfer Station
All areas of the transfer station and yard are being cleaned up.

We are cleaning up all areas around the transfer site.

Waste Management hauled:

  • household trash (36)
  • green waste (30)
  • manure (31)
  • recycling (17)