Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - June 2021

Activities for the month of June 2021

Published on:
July 2, 2021
Roads Division
Deertrail delamination repair

For the month of June, the Roads Division primarily focused on repairing the delaminated areas of Deertrail Dr. as well as repairing utility cuts from water leak repairs. The Roads crew distributed 44.5 tons of asphalt.  Locations of notable repairs are:

Utility Cuts:

  • 30060 Lower Valley Rd
  • Greenwater Dr
  • Cannonero Ct
  • Pinedale by 4-island lake
  • Fox Ridge Ct
  • Breech Ct
  • 25250 Deertrail

Delamination Repairs:

  • 25700 Deertrail Dr
  • 25901 Deertrail Dr
  • 26250 Deertrail Dr
  • 29601 Starland Dr

Right-of-Way mowing was progressing nicely for most of the month, lower roads had been mowed and the crew worked hard to mow Skyline Dr.  Unfortunately, our arm mower had mechanical failures which prevented us from completing the mowing on Skyline Dr.  We have continued to mow what we can with our flail mower, however, we are limited to being able to only mow level ground with that piece of machinery.  With the anticipated delivery of our slope mower, we expect this coming month to be productive in our weed abatement efforts.

Water Division
Port Royal blowout

Repaired 19 water leaks:

  • 24621 Piute
  • 29930 Greenwater
  • 30060 N Lower Valley Rd
  • 30600 Fox Ridge
  • 24000 Breech
  • 23881 Lakeview
  • 2 on Wilderness
  • 26630 Stirrup
  • Port Royal blowout
  • 23441 El Rancho
  • 24550 Tiara
  • 24100 Sorrell
  • 26780 Frontier
  • 25350 Bear Valley Rd
  • 25211 Paramount
  • 29601 Jamaica Dunes
  • 30601 Deertrail

Some highlights: Cummings Valley Generators are completed and hooked to system.  They will automatically turn on in a power outage. Well 31 panel replacement has begun.  Well 32 is completed and ready to flush and sample.  Booster stations 3A and 3C are finished and awaiting final inspection and fire up in the first week of July


Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. USA’s were completed as needed. We are sending water to Golf Course and continuing with our weed abatement at the facility. We pulled RAS pump #1 for inspection and cleaning of obstructions inside of pump. Back flushed sand filters. Collection’s system maintenance (hydro-jetting) (Approx. 6000 ft cleaned in June).

General Services


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services. New racks were installed on the Water division GMCs.

  • (7) #2 services
  • (2) #1 service
  • (4) equipment repairs
  • (2) vehicle repairs
  • (1) breakdown in field


Compliance corrections are complete at main gate. Completed tree maintenance at Administrative Office.

  • (4) repairs to district facilities
  • (8) repairs to stands and boxes
  • (5) generator inspections
  • (1) visitor gate arm repair
  • (2) RFID gate arm repair

Transfer Station

We are continuing to clean up all areas around the transfer site.

Waste Management Hauled:

  • (41) household garbage
  • (37) green waste
  • (22) manure
  • (18) recycling.