Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - January 2021

Summary of Public Works activities for the month of January 2021

Published on:
February 5, 2021

Generator Update

All pads for the pneumatic stations were finished this month, except for El Rancho and Medicine Bow. Those two pads will be completed when we get confirmation on which generators are to be installed.

We are waiting for the remaining ATS (Automatic Transfer) switches to arrive to continue installation. These should arrive by the end of the first week of February. P and J Electric was approved to begin work on Boosters 3A and 3C. They will oversee all operations of those two stations.

Five generators have now been delivered to our yard. One each for Oakflat, Ridgeview, Cody Ct., Flatiron, and Wilderness. Electric Panel 2D-2: P and J Electric has also begun the installation of the new electrical panel at Booster Station 2D-2. Completion date is not yet finalized, as it depends on when we can schedule Edison for a power switch.

Roads Division

During the first half of January the Roads Division focused primarily on patching utility cuts from water leaks. The Roads crew patched 13 different utility cuts using approximately 21 tons of asphalt. Any remaining asphalt was used to patch potholes on Skyline dr.

Locations of water leak patches are:

  • Skyline
  • Sunland
  • Rolling Oak/Peso
  • Frontier
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Hart
  • Serra Ct.
  • Serra Pl.
  • Horizon
  • Tuttle
  • Tiara
  • Deertrail/Chester
  • Deertrail past Derrick

When the weather was too wet to accomplish any roads repairs the Roads Division cleared fallen or low hanging trees and cleared down side drainages. The last half of the month the Roads was involved in storm clean up or was spent plowing/clearing snow and ice.

Water Division

Water Pumping Report attached. January wasn’t a big month for repairing water leaks due to short staffing related to Covid cases. However, the water crew was still able to fix three leaks and finally determine the source of running water on Rolling Oak.

  • 29581 Rolling Oak was determined to be a spring rather than a leak. Staff exposed the blowoff lateral and the main line to find water coming out of the ground beneath the main through what appeared to be some cracks in granite rock.
  • 24000 Jacaranda was repaired, which ended up being a pin hole in the 4” mainline. It was repaired with a clamp.
  • 24150 Serra Pl. was a service leak and repaired with a clamp.
  • 27640 Oakflat was a service leak that was repaired with a clamp. We still have another leak close to this address.

System Maintenance: We have pulled multiple booster pumps that have failed and sent them off for repair. These are our backup pumps at stations 6A-1, Oakflat, 4A-1 and 11A-1.

Snow Plowing: Water staff was also able to assist with snow removal during the recent storms.

Well 39: Well 39 at the transfer site has been relocated and Bakersfield Well and Pump should have the well abandonment completed by end of February.

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. 2020 Annual Reports are completed and certified to Regional Water Board:

  • Annual Operations Report
  • Biosolids Summary
  • Water Use Report
  • Acute/Chronic Toxicity Report

Marked all requested USA’s, effluent Meter and Chart Recorder repair and re-calibration completed. Continue discharging to Sycamore Canyon. PSPS Monitoring continued throughout the month. Tertiary Effluent Pump #1 pulled and repair made due to low flow output (back in service)

General Services

Renovation of the mail station at Seneca and Columbia has been completed

The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services. Four major routine services were complete, one basic oil change service was complete. There were twelve additional vehicle repairs and two equipment repairs.


We had eleven repairs to various facilities in the district, five mailbox repairs in the valley, five generator inspections completed, four visitor gate arm repairs, one RFID gate arm repair. During PSPS’s the generators were checked and fueled regularly. Continued working o minor compliance issues throughout facilities. Continued the installation of the Hotsy pressure wash. Installed new back door light for gate building. Completely renovated mailbox station 4225 at Seneca and Columbia.

Transfer Station

Waste Management hauled:

  • 40 household
  • 22 green waste
  • 34 manure
  • 19 recycling

We are cleaning up the area north of the transfer station and making preparations for a new fence on the north end of our yard.