Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - February 2021

A summary of Public Works projects through February 2021

Published on:
March 5, 2021

Generator Update

Automatic Transfer Switch installation at Booster 3C

Generator installation continues. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) installation has been completed at some sites.

Roads Division

Storm cleanup and drain maintenance was performed when the weather prevented the crew from doing asphalt work.

During the first part of the month of February, the Roads Division focused primarily on patching water break cuts.  Approximately 26.5 tons of asphalt was used for this month.  Locations of the water break patches are:

  • Jacaranda
  • Cannonero Ct.
  • Rolling Oak
  • Skyline
  • Buckthorn
  • Oakflat
  • Deertrail.

The second half of the month consisted largely of roads maintenance on the back side of Deertrail Dr.  The crews made significant efforts to repair the deterioration on Deertrail and get it prepared for asphalt work

Water Division

Water Tank cleanout at Rowel Ct

February was a busy month for annual system maintenance. Approximately 450 USA’s were marked for outside contractors/utilities.

Repaired Leaks:

  • Buckthorne
  • Skyline
  • Horizon
  • Woodview
  • Deertrail
  • Oakflat.

Two tanks had cleanouts completed by Suez.

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue:

  • Stand-by generator serviced
  • Built and installed new insulation boxes around various piping at WWTP
  • Installed new wall heater in tertiary compressor building
  • USA’s were marked throughout the month as requested
  • Turbidity meter failure, received and installed loaner meter from manufacturer while repair are being evaluated
  • Re-aligned RAS pump #1 to pump more efficiently

Continued discharging to Sycamore Canyon. 6000 gallons of MLSS pumped and transferred to Stallion Spring WWP to help their facility operations.

General Services

Sander material chain before and after restoration and repair

The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services. Five vehicles had major services completed, one oil change completed, fifteen miscellaneous repairs on vehicles and one repair on equipment.

Mail station #4560 at Willow Pass and Bear Valley Road is complete

Three facility repairs, two mailbox stand repairs, one mailbox station renovation completed. Five generators were inspected and tested. Two repairs to the gate for the visitor gate arm.

Next on our list is mail station #4660 at N. Lower Valley and Rolling Oak

Mail station # 4635 at Deertrail and Starland is in need of repair. Scheduled towards the end of March.

Transfer Station

Waste Management hauled:

  • 40 household
  • 28 green waste
  • 30 manure
  • 21recycling

We are cleaning up the area in front of the transfer site.