Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - December 2020

An update on projects and repairs during the month of December

Published on:
January 8, 2021

Project Updates

We have received delivery of five generators to date.

Alcorn Fence completed the Phase 2 portion of the Guardrail replacement. 11 Guardrail locations were removed and replaced.

These locations are:

  • Saddleback Dr.
  • Skyline (near to Horizon Ct.)
  • Deertrail (near to Greenwater)
  • Deertrail (near Paramount Dr.)
  • Paramount (near Deertrail)
  • Paramount (above water canyon campground)
  • Paramount (above water canyon campground)
  • Jacaranda (S-turns below El Rancho)
  • Jacaranda (S-turns below El Rancho)
  • Jacaranda (S-turns below El Rancho)
  • Jacaranda (below Tiara)

Roads Division

During the month of December, the Roads division concentrated their efforts on clearing drainages and culverts. The main focus of the drainage maintenance included downside drains near the edge of the roadways on the arterial and collector streets.  Culvert maintenance was focused at:

  • Sheeptrail Ct.
  • San Juan Dr.

Although they were limited due to weather, the Roads crew patched several utility cuts from recent water break repairs as well as repair potholes in several locations.  Notable locations of water break repairs are:

  • Fox Ridge
  • Martingale (3 repairs)
  • Jacaranda (2 repairs)
  • Rolling Oak (2 repairs)
  • Greenwater
  • Deertrail

During inclement weather, the Roads crew focused on tree clearances and regulatory sign replacement.  Winter weather also played a factor during the end of the month, when the Roads were cleared the crew would inspect for other hazards such as fallen trees and debris in the roadways.

Water Division

Underground work needed for generator installations is underway at several locations in BVS and Cummings Valley

The water division continued with daily operations, sampling, meter reading, USA’s and WO’s. Generator trenching/backfilling continued forward in preparation of generation installations. Water leaks were repaired at 24080 Martingale, 25841 Skyline, 24221 Serra, Tank 4A-1, 26800 Skyline. Leak exploration was handled at 29581 Rolling Oak. There were 2 PSPS’s during the month.  Due to the cooler weather the main water tanks needed no assistance, some of the pneumatic stations did go without water.

Wastewater Division

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. Update’s to BVCSD WWTP Sewer System Maintenance Plan (SSMP) completed. Continued with weed abate and grounds maintenance around facility. Completed inspection of BVSA grease trap pump outs (Country Club and Mulligan Room. Continued discharging to Sycamore Canyon. PSPS monitoring and USA’s throughout the month.  Staff continues to work diligently with sanitizing practices.

General Services Division


There were seven repairs to facility’s in the district. There were six repairs to mailbox stands and mailboxes in valley. Five generators inspected as part of routine inspections, eight generators were inspected and fueled for PSPS.  We had five calls for gate arm repairs.  The gatehouse is getting a new light at the back door and we are currently installing our Hotsy pressure washer at our wash rack.  Weather permitting in January we will be moving forward with the mailbox renovation project.  Station 4225 at Seneca and Columbia is the next station on the schedule.


The fleet maintenance shop has been busy with repairs and routine services for our vehicles and equipment.  There were nineteen repairs made to vehicles and two repairs made to equipment. We also completed our 2020 smogs for seventeen vehicles. There was one field break down and one routine service completed during the month

Transfer Station

Waste Management hauled fifty household trash, twenty-six green waste roll offs, twenty-eight manure, one treated wood roll offs and seventeen recycling roll offs.  

Staff is in the process of cleaning up the area north of the Transfer Station.