Bear Valley Community Services District

Public Works Staff Report - April 2021

Public Works activities during April 2021

Published on:
June 4, 2021
Roads Division

For the month of May, the Roads Division focused on patching utility cuts made from the Water Division to repair the water leaks as well as repairing multiple delaminated areas of roadway on Deertrail.  The Roads used 48.5 tons of A/C for this month, up from 23.5 from the month of April.  

Frontier Way Utility Patch

Utility Cut Repairs

  • El Camino
  • 25250 Deertrail
  • Oakflat
  • Hart
  • Serra Ct.
  • Frontier Wy.
  • Skyline/Chukar

Delamination Repairs

  • 25660 Deertrail
  • 25700 Deertrail
  • 26250 Deertrail
  • 26250 Deertrail (2)
  • 25721 Deertrail
  • 26221 Deertrail
  • Deertrail below Teal
  • 25761 Deertrail

The Roads Division has also started our right-of-way weed/fire clearance during the month of May, we have utilized our flail mower which can mow flat ground on Bear Valley Rd., Cumberland Rd. and Lower Valley Rd.

Water Division

During the month of May, 10 water leak repairs were completed:

  1. 24500 Hart Dr.
  2. 24550 Hart Dr.
  3. Skyline/Chukar Mainline 20 ft. section.
  4. 23550 San Juan service leak
  5. 29641 Pinedale service leak
  6. 25250 Deertrail mainline loose clamp
  7. 3C booster service leak
  8. Cannonero mainline cap
  9. 26740 Frontier service leak (2)
  10. 28551 Bear Valley Rd. Service leak

The water division completed all meter reading routes for billing, over 70 work orders, and 80 underground service alerts.

Flatiron Generator Installation


Facilities, 3C, 3A, CV5, CV6, Flatiron and Cody Ct had generators installed on pads.  Waiting on misc. parts to hook up and inspection before fire up.

Wastewater Division
The Safety Lighting Capital Project has been completed.

Preventative maintenance and general plant up-keep and standard operations continue. All requested USA’s were marked. Continued to discharge to Sycamore Canyon.  Allan Lacson left Bear Valley CSD to pursue other opportunities in Northern California.  Alex Urso transferred from the Roads Division to be an Operator in Training in the WWTP. Effluent storage pond has been cleaned and prepped for watering the golf course in June. Safety Committee completed a facility site inspection of the WWTP and minor corrections are underway. Approximately 3300 feet of the collections system have been flushed. Budget work has been completed and Capital project for Security / Safety Lighting has been completed.

General Services


The fleet maintenance shop is busy with repairs and services: (2) major services, (2) repairs on equipment some are long term some were in and out in a day, (17) repairs District vehicles. The long term repair on 2114 the right of way mower, is complete and mower is back in service.


Due to ongoing new construction an additional mailbox stand was installed at Willow Pass and BearValley Rd

The District’s Employee Safety Committee has been performing safety inspections at occupied facilities.  In addition to routine repairs, the facilities department has been making safety compliance repairs. There were (4) repairs to facilities, (7) repairs to mailbox stands and mailboxes, (5) generators inspected, (1) call to repair visitor gate arm and (2) calls to repair RFID gate arm.

Transfer Station

Waste management hauled 44 household trash roll offs, 30 green waste roll offs, 29 manure roll offs and 23 recycling roll offs. We are cleaning up all areas around the transfer site.