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What's in the newsletter?

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The Bear Necessities is the electronic newsletter for the Bear Valley Community Services District. This once-a-month email newsletter is an effort to help residents stay aware and informed about the BVCSD's happenings. Content will include:

  • Updates on current projects
  • New initiatives, projects, programs and services
  • Operational issues that have an impact on residents
  • Upcoming voting issues
  • Information & Agendas for upcoming meetings
  • BVCSD related events such as townhall meetings
  • Introductions to new staff and volunteers
  • Mission related stories

We hope you find this outreach useful, and as always we are open to constructive feedback that will help us better serve you.

This email list may also be used rarely to alert you to situations that may affect you. It is our intention to only use this email list in that manner when absolutely necessary. To date, it has only been used to share Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) notifications when the District has been alerted by SCE.

Below is a list of newsletters published to date.