Bear Valley Community Services District

Welcome New Resident!

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bear Valley Springs.


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bear Valley Springs. Many of us who work here at the CSD are your new neighbors and we are glad you've chosen to make our community your home.

Below you will find information about the District. To the right (or below on a mobile device) you will find a list of files with must-know information for those new to the valley. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find phone numbers and addresses for our different divisions on the Contact page.

Our community uses the Nixle platform to send out emergency alerts. These are most typically used to alert residents to dangerous road conditions during the winter, but they may also be used for evacuation notices, wildfire alerts, missing persons, etc. To subscribe to Nixle, text BVSAlerts to the number 888777. If you would like to receive non-emergency notifications about road closures and other issues of community-wide importance, respond to the Nixle follow up message with your email address. Non-emergency notifications are delivered via email.

About the District

The Bear Valley Community Services District (BVCSD or just "the CSD")is the largest California Special District. It was established in May, 1970 to provide infrastructure services for the community of Bear Valley Springs. The CSD is similar to a city government, supplying services such as police protection, fresh water, road maintenance, wastewater treatment, and solid waste disposal.

Board of Directors

The five-member Board of Directors conduct the business of the District. Each of the Directors is a Bear Valley Springs resident. They are elected during the General Election to a staggered four-year term by voters registered in Bear Valley Springs.

General Manager

The General Manager of the CSD is employed by the Board of Directors so oversee the day-to-day affairs of the District. The General Manager has authority over all District employees and is responsible for implementing Board decisions.


The services provided by the BVCSD are funded through property taxes, special assessments and standby charges collected by Kern County on the regular property tax bill. The Utilities (Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste Disposal) are funded through user fees.


The BVCSD owns all amenities in the valley. These facilities are leased to the Bear Valley Springs Association (homeowners association), which oversees their management and maintenance.



The BVCSD maintains all 110 miles of roads within Bear Valley Springs, cleans and maintains drainage easements, and clears snow from the roads. The BVCSD owns and maintains its own road repair equipment and snow plows. Major road repair and paving projects are usually contracted to an independent company.


The Bear Valley Police department consists of officers and gate pass coordinators, and is overseen by the Chief of Police. The department has full authority to enforce the law, including traffic laws. They ensure that only residents and approved guests are admitted into the valley and are heavily involved in youth and community activities. The police department also coordinates its emergency efforts with the Sheriff's Department.


The fresh water system is comprised of 36 wells, 40 storage tanks, and 110 miles of delivery pipe, including 2 wells and a water importation system that brings water in from Cummings Valley during times of peak demand. The entire system is monitored and maintained by the BVCSD Water Department. The BVCSD has the capacity to provide water service to all lots in the district. Monthly billings are made consisting of a base water fee and a usage fee.


The BVCSD provides wastewater treatment at its facility on Lower Valley Road. All residents and amenities inside the Lower Valley Road Loop (golf course area) are hooked into this sewer system. Effluent water from this treatment plant is used to irrigate the golf course.

Solid Waste

The BVCSD maintains a central solid waste transfer station for use by residents. An adjacent area is provided for the disposal of green waste (landscape debris) and manure. Waste Management is contracted to move the solid waste to the local landfill and recycling facility.