Steve Doubleday

Candidate Statement

The following is the letter of interest submitted by this candidate. These letters are used by the Board of Directors to determine which applicants are best qualified for the desired committee.

To the Board of Directors:

I would like to be considered for a position on the Administration Committee for 2023-2024.

My wife and I have lived in BVS since 2007, mostly part-time, up on Deertrail. In the past couple of years, however, we moved to the valley floor, and as we plan for retirement, I began to take a much more detailed interest in the issues facing the community.

I have spent most of my career in various management and technical IT positions in large organizations. I’m familiar with budgeting, human resource processes, and the challenges of building and leading teams.

A goal of mine is to help the community get to agreement on the path forward on important issues. I have suggested that one thing that might help, is to use one or more citizens juries / assemblies to help residents better understand the issues we face, and to build more community support. At a recent board meeting, the Board referred the assessment of the citizens jury / assembly approach, to the Administration Committee. If appointed to the committee, I would spend time to help with that assessment.

More generally, how we run the services district is always important to our success in moving forward as a community. I hope to make a useful contribution.

Thank you for your consideration.


Steve Doubleday