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About the Bear Valley Community Services District

The Bear Valley Community Services District (BVCSD) acts as the local government in Bear Valley Springs. The BVCSD manages and maintains the water utility, wastewater utility, solid waste transfer station, police, gate, and infrastructure including roads and mailboxes.


he Bear Valley Community Services District (BVCSD) was established by resolution of the Kern County Board of Supervisors on May 4, 1970 for the purpose of providing infrastructure services for the newly developed community of Bear Valley Springs. The BVCSD is similar to a city government, supplying such services as police protection, fresh water, road maintenance, wastewater treatment, and solid waste disposal. It exists under California law governing special districts (Government Code, Section 61000 et seq).

The five-member Board of Directors conduct the business of the District. The Directors are Bear Valley Springs residents, elected to a staggered four-year term by voters registered in Bear Valley Springs. The Board meetings are held open to the public, and proceedings follow an agenda which is published for public review 72 hours before each meeting. Please see the Events page for upcoming meetings, and the Agendas page for agendas, board packages, and minutes.

The General Manager is employed by the Board of Directors to oversee the day-to-day affairs of the District. The General Manager has authority over all District employees and is responsible for implementing Board decisions. Please see the Management Team page find contact information for the General Manager and the Department Heads

The BVCSD's services are funded by property taxes, special assessments and standby charges collected by Kern County on the regular property tax bill. Some funds are collected through user fees such as water, sewer and refuse charges and capacity fees for new water connections.

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The CSD owns all amenities in the valley and leases these facilities to the Bear Valley Springs Association, which oversees their management and maintenance.


The Bear Valley Police Department consists of officers and gate staff. It is overseen by the Chief of Police. The department has full authority to enforce the law, including traffic laws. They provide 911 emergency service for the valley, ensure that only residents and guests are admitted, and are heavily involved in community activities and youth programs.


The CSD maintains all 110 miles of roads within Bear Valley Springs, cleans and maintains drainage easements, and clears snow from the roads. The CSD also owns and maintains all of its road repair equipment and snow plows.

Solid Waste

The CSD maintains a central solid waste transfer station. An adjacent area is provided for the disposal of green waste (landscape debris) and horse manure.


The CSD provides wastewater treatment at its facility on Lower Valley Road. All residents and amenities inside the Lower Valley Road loop (golf course area) are hooked into this sewer system. Effluent water from this treatment facility is used to maintain the golf course.


The fresh water system in Bear Valley Springs consists of dozens of wells, 40 storage tanks, and 110 miles of delivery pipe. It is monitored and maintained by the BVCSD's water department. The system provides fresh water for all residents as well as for all amenities. Each lot is metered and monthly billings are made according to water usage. BVS Resident Miles Coverdale published a video in March of 2019 that details the complexity of the BVS water infrastructure for those who are curious.